With Anastasia Netri


Lighting the Way for World-Changing Women

If you feel called to change the world, inspire, or end suffering in any way, you're in the right place.

It's becoming more important than ever for you to align and awaken, especially if you feel called to do this for others.

My name is Anastasia Netri - and I'm here to support you in your awakening, so you can share all that you are, and live in your most potent world-changing, peaceful, and powerful expression.

You've always visualized making an impact on the world. You see huge potential around you, and you feel very strongly that the kinds of changes you want to make are going to create a better world for everyone.  

If you're like the other women world-changers, you know what it feels like to be running up against some fear, worry, or sabotage when you start getting "too close".  It happens because this calling is asking you to s t r e t c h yourself in all kinds of weird and uncomfortable ways - and we've all experienced it.  Right now, that calling is asking you to turn inward.

If you want to help people, in some way, with:

freedom but feeling trapped...

peace but feeling stressed...

abundance but feeling lack 

certainty but feeling confused


change but feeling stuck - bottom line is:  you now know how important it is to align with your highest truth so you can feel congruent, in every way, with the changes you want to see in the world.  And, because things just aren't flowing now, and you're just... so tired.  The truth WILL set you free, for sure!

As much as you're called to help others, you know that today, it's time to focus on your own awakening. Good call!  Now, you're on the path to not only changing the world, but grounding into that peaceful place in yourself, and that's where the most potent impact comes from.

I've found, through my own life experience, that only one thing really seems to produce any kind of lasting peace:  Consciousness.  This is the way to awaken, so that you can fully express what you came here to express.

Consciousness is really a very simple thing. Becoming more conscious is not about trying to be something that you're not. Consciousness is simply shining the light on what's already there, and the more light we shine, the more peace we feel.  Without it, we suffer.

Suffering is experienced in many ways, such as feeling triggered by all the chaos you see, experiencing fear or self-judgement that is difficult or impossible to control, or feeling trapped by an image or life that's no longer a fit.  There is only one sure way to get off the hamster wheel, and feel a sense of peace in your life:  Fully seeing the truth of what is. What you ARE.  

As you are probably aware in this moment, it can be difficult to do on your own.  You sense the truth in you, but staying connected with it feels incredibly exhausting. 

Over the years, I've found that opening up and allowing the truth of who you are to flow is the ONLY thing that truly impacts the lives of other.  You feel free to share your gifts and talents,  and you trust the natural flow of life.  Bottom line here - it feels like a big heavy weight falling off your shoulders, and a much needed... exhale.  

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Here's just a few things my clients have shared:

"I'm seeing myself in a whole different light.  I can't explain how much more powerful, capable, and whole I feel, all the things that seemed hard now seem easy.  I can't express how amazing this feels into words, but I'm bursting with gratitude.  For the first time in my life, I'm not afraid."

"I would never have been able to embrace who I really am without this work we've done together.  I've had so many fears cleared out that I feel free to express who I am, own my value, and even better - I know I finally can do what I've dreamed of my whole life.  Thank you for helping me shift SO much, and feel completely safe while in deep transformation."

"Working with Anastasia has changed my life.  I can see what I've been hiding - my shadows, my light, and everything in between.  I couldn't have done it without her support, and I feel so free."

"You saw my genius, and you showed it to me.  Now I can see it.  I can really, really see it!"

"I never thought it was possible to be living how I'm living now.  I'm able to express myself in ways I've always felt too afraid to do, and my only regret is that I didn't hire you years ago!"

It would be my honor to work with you.  

Let's talk, and see what we can come up with... together.

 Ready to take the next step?

Anastasia Netri is a natural motivator and inspirer who loves to help people shift what they think is possible. She specializes in working with women who are called to change the world, and helps them awaken from their perceived fears and limitations, so they can experience peace and true freedom.

Anastasia is insatiably curious about everything - and is always questioning what we, collectively, have always believed. She often presents things in a way that turns everything we know on it's head, and offers a unique perspective that often results in big "a'has" and breakthroughs for her clients.

She's committed to helping those who are seeking to find the truth about themselves, and helping the world awaken, one person at a time.