Because you're waking up, you have been called here, to this page, to this moment, to take the journey from Lightworker to Light LEADER.

But, what IS a Light Leader, exactly? 

First, let's look at the path of a lightworker. 

A lightworker came here to earth to help the world evolve.  A lightworker can share this through some kind of inspiration, healing, teaching, coaching - in other words,  helping in all kinds of cool ways. 

As a lightworker, it can be so easy to focus on "out there," and doing good for others.  But,  at some point you realize that you need to get your own house in order.  When you start to put the focus on the SELF, that is an awesome moment.  Because that's when you can REALLY do what you came here to do, which is to wake the freakin' planet UP.  You know you need to start with yourself first.  If you've already realized this: then a big, juicy congratulations is in order! 

See, this is the journey into Light Leadership. Light leaders do more than just help, they awaken. Light leaders are magnetic, they show the way, and they guide many - through their own awakened consciousness.

Waking UP doesn't have to be a magic or mystical thing. You don't need special powers.  All you need is a lot of courage. Waking up pretty much means that you're willing to shine the light on all the stuff you've been hiding, let that crap go, and see yourself as you are - not what your parents, society, friends, teachers, and everyone else said you were.

My name is Anastasia Netri, and I support women to expand from lightworkers into light leaders.  

I know this journey, because I've been on it for a long time.

I realized a long time ago that I couldn't really help others expand if I felt stuck, limited, and small - which is exactly what I felt. 

I realized that I couldn't help another feel abundant when I felt scarce, help another to be seen when I felt invisible, or help another feel connected when I felt isolated. 

I had to stop trying to help everyone else, and get my own sh*t in order. I needed to wake up to the truth, and I also realized that I didn't even truly know what that was.

I couldn't see my own blind spots, and I had to reach out to others to show me what I couldn't see. I used to think it was weak to need another to ask for help, and boy was I wrong about that one. Other people were essential to helping me wake up (I finally learned that's why they call them "blind spots").

The more that I've woken up, the clearer I am. The more confidence I feel. The more connected I am with my "big" self, the more I can see the greatness of others. 

I know this landscape well. I know how to guide you so that you can really see all the amazing things you have, you are, and what you can DO in in the world - in your unique way. 

It is my honor to help you accelerate your awakening so you can finally let go of what has held you back, have clarity on your purpose and genius, and feel confident to take the steps you're called to take.

As a light leader, you may lead some kind of movement that you feel passionate about. Maybe you're an entrepreneur who starts or expands a business that contributes to the greater good, a motivater who speaks or inspires others, or even a leader in your company. The possibilities are endless. 

When you wake up to the truth, you'll know what you're meant to do, and you'll feel the courage to do it.

Get ready to speed up your awakening journey, baby.  Let's do this together. 

Welcome home.

What's YOUR Next Step?

You’re invited to take the next step, and choose the best option for you.

Behind Door #1:  You can join the Spiritual Women’s Leadership Circle - a free membership program that’s here to support you in waking up, and connect you with other amazing women.

Behind Door #2:  If you're not messin' around for one more day - The REBIRTH program is something you seriously may want to  check out! 

Behind Door #3:  If you want to dip a toe in, and visit my blog for some inspiration and insights.

Time to choose!  What door will it be?  

I felt the familiar tug of expansion - a desire to go deeper and help my clients BEFORE their issue turned into a physical problem. I realized that I had a talent for seeing the "cause" and helping people to learn what was going on underneath.  I noticed that it began to shift them on a deeper level, and then it became easier to create what they wanted in life.  

So began my coaching career.  After some great training I began coaching, and realized that my past business experience + my coaching skills were perfect to help others with their businesses.  I've worked with many clients to create transformational businesses, and helped launch a lot of good into the world. However, in 2014, I had a spiritual awakening that led me down a path that into fully owning the light leader inside that wanted to emerge so much.  I knew I needed to wake up.

Because of the gifts and talent of other light leaders, I've been able to wake up and see my genius.  Getting clarity on my gifts enabled me to reach a depth of transformation with my clients that is nothing short of miraculous. I witness women having some of the most profound breakthroughs of their lives, and this leads to the deep ownership of their life purpose as well as knowing exactly what to create, and how to create it. We are getting things done over here. Women are creating businesses, movements, and communities - and we're doing it in a way that is sustainable and has long term, permanent effects.  

I'm honored today that you are have visited my site, and I celebrate you for your boldness and courage to share your deepest gifts. I would love to support you in realizing your dream, and offering your gifts to the world. The soil is ready, the time is right, and you have felt the call! Let's do this together! 

Just choose the right option for you above - and I'll see YOU on the other side!



About Anastasia Netri

Lovely to meet you, I'm Anastasia Netri.  I am a lifelong entrepreneur, passionate woman, lightworker and leader, and transformation enthusiast.  I've been on a journey of trials, tribulations, joys and expansion, forging my own path from a young age.  I started my first business at 22 years old, and in just under 3 years expanded it to 25 employees and nearly $500,000 per year in revenue. As I look back, I believe I had success so quickly because I was a great student and leader. I asked a lot of questions, kept expanding one step at a time, and learned a lot about how to motivate people in an inspiring way.

I sold my business at a ripe old age of 28, took a little time off, and then did a 180 degree turn and went into the healing arts. I went to massage school and became a licensed massage therapist, and once again had filled my practice to capacity in just under 6 months. I loved this business, but after a few years