Here's a few words from some amazing ladies...

I started to feel alive again and hopeful and optimistic about the future. I think what amazed me the most was how quickly the transformation happened once I was willing to let it.


After working with Anastasia, I felt completely at peace no matter what was going on around me. And if things do start to wind me up, I am able to spot it and do what I need to do to bring me back to a more grounded place. 


Everything in my life seems to flow so much easier and better and if I could share one piece of advice it is to work on yourself first and foremost. You are at the foundation of whatever it is you want to create and if your foundation is rocky – like mine was and I didn’t realize it – you will struggle much more than you need to. Anastasia is the perfect person to help you get your foundation as solid as a rock. She is very caring and holds such a beautiful space for you to explore and grow. I definitely know I wouldn't be where I am now without her.

Audra Duffy

Anastasia is 100% committed to helping you build YOUR life, YOUR way. She really knows her stuff and keeps herself on the leading edge of what’s working today.  

She can truly coach you to align with what you truly want, and she won’t let you lead yourself astray (as many of us to when we get into moments of fear or doubt). 

 If you have the chance to work with Anastasia, grab it!

Barb Wade

Before working with Anastasia, I felt completely stuck. I had trying to move forward in my business for around 3 years and not getting anywhere fast. I was disheartened and was feeling that maybe I just wasn't the business owner type. My life just felt flat and directionless.


My biggest challenge was being clear about what I did and what I wanted to create. I knew I was here to serve and knew it was something to do with money, but after that I was lost. All the avenues I explored seemed to lead to dead ends.


During my coaching with Anastasia, I discovered so much about myself and how unconsciously I’d been getting in my own way. 


I got my biggest breakthrough which lead to being able to finally get crystal clear on what I'm here to do. 

Anastasia provides SUCH a safe space for me to reveal parts of myself that I have been hiding for my entire life.  As I worked through my issues, I found that what changes is the BEING that I bring.  

Anastasia is gifted at seeing the darkest pain and the brightest light, and holding a space for me to shift on a deep level.

If you are looking to finally transition out of those pain and fears that hold you back and keep you stuck, working with Anastasia is the answer to your deepest love, abundance, and flow that you've been craving.

Renee Waggener

I've been coaching AND in retreats with Anastasia, and life-changing doesn't even come close to describing the experience. It is nothing short of a mind-body-spirit transformationfest.

I'm now taking a lot more bold action in my business.  I have already done things this week that have taken me 20 years to feel and express. :)

So if you want soul-nurturing shifts, cathartic self-discovery, and a loving community that “gets you,” work with Anastasia.


Toni Snyder

The way she coaches is life changing at the very least. What I love most of all is how she doesn't sugar coat spirituality and personal growth in fluffy New Age cliches. She's speaks truth, and has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. 

She weaves between being nurturing and comforting with being daring and bold. If you're a woman like me who's been there, done that... Anastasia will know how to reach you. I love her work!

Nancy Marmolejo

The work I’ve done with Anastasia has given me shifts at the cellular level, which means they are a part of me going forward. These results do not come from safely disconnected intellectual exercise. No; these are deep down shifts, real change, solid movement forward into the next growth cycle. 

It’s one thing to have intellectual clarity, and it’s another thing to feel it deep inside your core. This is the work that gets to the root and changes everything. And with Anastasia you get the double gift of her no-bs approach plus her great sense of humor. 

She’s got a keen knack for bringing laughter into the mix even in the painful spaces, making it so much more desirable to work through it all.

Julie P.

Life & Wellness Coach

Anastasia's coaching is truly transformational!  If you're ready to free yourself and move forward in life, she's your best bet.

She has an amazing gift of pulling your out of the muck and illusion you're stuck in, and hold a space so you can see the real truth about yourself.

This work is highly transformational and a MUST do!

Freda Cornelius

Anastasia's coaching has changed my life.

She has the ability to see things I've been hiding, my shadows and my power, and finally feel transformed after spending thousands of dollars for so many years.

She's really here to wake people up, and that's exactly what she does.

I've been able to create a new business, something I never thought I'd be able to do, and get to finally share what I love to do!

Donna Franklin

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