With Core Genius Coaching, you will find EXACTLY what you're here to do, create it in the way that works for YOU, and make an impact with a life that you love.

That calling to fully express what your soul is here to share - well, frankly it can be scary as shit.

It also feels exciting:  like a pull towards a vision, full of possibility, passion and growth.  BUT, if you're not exactly sure WHAT you're here to express, it can just feel really confusing and frustrating.

There are so many questions that pop up from those dark not-so-dusty corners of the mind when you feel a call to do something in the world that you know others really need.

You wonder what's going to happen, if you're make the right decision, worried that it will work, and the other thousand "what if's" that come up the minute you get too close... yup, I know that drill.

When you've had all of those questions for so long - clarity is a wonderful thing.  Clarity feels like a warm hug from the universe - a map with directions and everything - saying "here's the destination, yo!"  You go from feeling lost (which sucks!) to knowing which way is up. 

Clarity leads to certainty, and that leads to confidence -  you feel like you can really do what you're heart is calling you to do, and know that you have the courage to pull it off.  This kind of clarity and certainty come from waking UP to your true nature - and let go of the limited idea of yourself.  In fact, waking up is the ONLY way that you have this deep knowing.

Waking up is like taking a veil away from your eyes and seeing things as they truly are.  That's what it is.  It's not necessarily a magical or mystical experience (although it can be), but when you begin really waking up to the truth, you know it - because the truth feels expansive and freeing.

When you wake up, and you feel confident and grounded, you take the action steps that make a difference in your life, in the lives of those around you, and has an expanding ripple effect.

It feels like being reborn, and experiencing yourself as you truly are -  and finally living in alignment with your genius, instead of your limits.  

You are a Visionary...

Chances are, you're drawn to share your gifts through some kind of inspiration, healing, teaching, coaching, and helping in all kinds of cool ways. You know that you're here to help humanity evolve.

But as you know, your path can be full of trials and tribulations, and we all know what it feels like to do great work in the world, but feel scared to be seen. To help another feel calm, but feel anxious ourselves. It's hard to feel like aligned while we can’t seem to get our own house in order.

But rest assured, you are here to make a difference.  That's why you've been drawn to this page.

This is your time to finally release that "stuff" you've been carrying around, so you can get crystal clear on what you're here to do, and fulfill your mission.

This is transformational, foundation - shifting, no-fu*king-around experience that is designed to help you fulfill your mission.

This WILL change the course of your life.  You'll be on the right path, and ALWAYS KNOW that you're on the right path.  

I don't mess around with a statement like that, by the way.

My name is Anastasia Netri, and I believe that your calling has led you right here, to this moment, because working with me is the next step in your journey.

I believe that you are the key - and together with your vision, you hold a much needed contribution.

And together, we will create YOUR contribution.

As a visionary, you bring an energy that affects your community, your family, your children, generations to come. You are here to model a new-paradigm way to live. 

It begins with you creating and living into your fullest expression.

  • A leader of some kind of movement that you feel passionate about. 
  • A confident entrepreneur that starts or expands a business that contributes to the greater good. 
  • A compelling motivater who speaks or inspires others. 
  • A leader in your company - because you KNOW how to create a culture that is more harmonious and productive, by treating people like actual human beings (Boo ya!)

After you discover your next steps, you may emerge as...

I’m going to get right to the heart of what makes Core Genius Coaching unique and different than any other coaching program out there.

Let’s get very real here...  

Living in alignment with our life purpose is really hard - especially when you don't have the foundation to support it.

If you're a visionary, you're here to make a difference. But, if you're scared of failing, succeeding, if you're worried about what you'll lose, or what you may gain, if you're stuck in overwhelm...

If you fear the pushback, judgement, or criticism of others, if you feel unloveable or not good enough, then there will always be something that comes up whenever you get too close to the full and total expression of your life purpose.

A supportive foundation to build your life purpose ON feels amazing - because you know who you are, what you're capable of, you're clear on your genius, and you're open to being guided and supported by the world.  You have the foundation in place to build your life on.

With our work together, you're going to finally lift the veil that's been covering your eyes for far too long, and truly see what you are capable of.

It will forever change the way you feel about yourself.

How does Core Genius Coaching work, and why is it so amazing?

Here's some of the reasons why this works - and why the effects of it last.

1.  This coaching is custom tailored to YOU. You're not learning theories taught to a group and then left having to apply them on your own.  You and I work deeply together 1-on-1.

2.  We clean and clear the "stuff" you're carrying around from your childhood. The WAY we clear this is through a process that is unique to this program, you can't find this anywhere else.  It works in helping you move, clear, and transform - permanently.

My clients have said that after they go through this clearing process, they just notice that they react and respond differently to situations where they normally would have been triggered.  They think differently, have much more courage, and feel empowered to take action. They don't feel bogged down by fear, they feel free to express themselves, as well as have a LOT more fun. The effects of this last for good. 

3.  You get a shiny Core Genius Map that you can use to make ALL of your decisions.  

This is about the coolest thing EVER.  Here's a picture of it. Imagine that it's filled with your exact life purpose, and every single thing you have that's totally unique to you that you were born with to use to carry out your purpose.  

I invented the Core Genius Map to give my clients a visual of everything that makes them spectacular, so they never forget it.  The WAY that I mine these elements, like precious jewels, is done in a way where you can see them too.  

Clients reactions to seeing this map are mind-blowing.  To have these qualities actually NAMED and SEEN brings more clarity and certainty than you could ever imagine.  Your consciousness opens up. You see yourself as you are, and your life journey and purpose make sense.

4. Using your Core Genius Map - we work together to create your vision that is 100% aligned with your purpose and your true, unique genius.  

5.  Then, you implement that vision.  You see your purpose coming to life - and together we create this in a way that is smart and sustainable.  Oh - and completely awesome.  To be "doing" that which comes right from your "being" is the most natural flow there is.  I'll hold your hand through all of this - and you'll be amazed at what you are capable of.

Core Genius Coaching is the full enchilada. 

This is not about telling you what do to to create your vision. It’s not about giving you the formula, or specific action steps to take...

It's about opening your consciousness.  When you step in, you transform into a powerful person of impact, influence and embodiment.

Like the butterfly, the transformation is spectacular. 

Like the butterfly effect, as you spread your wings, you can reach across the globe.

You'll walk away knowing who you are, who you’re not, what your purpose is, what core genius you have that you use to fulfill your purpose, a clear, tangible vision, the steps to take, and most of all, that confidence to actually take them.

Core Genius Coaching will change your life, period. 

Imagine the feeling, the incredible feeling of watching yourself build something that you KNOW is going to make a difference.

Imagine how this affects those around you, changes what they think is possible. 

Imagine how your vision could change future generations.

You will finally shift those subconscious beliefs that are so deeply embedded inside of you that they pop up - right before you step out and speak up. Those beliefs show up as fear, confusion, obstacles.  

You have a vision now that is asking you to finally let go of what's holding you back and get clear about what’s true, because when you see yourself clearly - when the veil comes off, you’re surprised and delighted at what you see. 

You see your beauty, your power, your genius, your unique contribution, and the support that you have around you.

When you can really see it - then you become unstoppable.

I’ve been on a long journey as an entrepreneur & teacher.  I've spent a long time focused on waking up myself instead of others, and I realized that it not only made my work more transformational, but allowed wisdom to flow in a way I never knew it could.

I’ve experienced everything from paralyzing fear to absolute certainty, and I know how to take you there.

We'll do this together, with our arms linked. You're not alone.

The next step is to set up a Breakthrough session with me, and we’ll talk about fully living into your greatest expression. Get ready - you're in for the ride of your life, and you'll LOVE it. I promise you that. I look so forward to connecting with you, just click the button below and I’ll talk to you soon!

Here's to you, and here's to your Core Genius!



This is your time.  Your soul is calling...

Let's create something amazing!  I so look forward to supporting you and supporting you in the greatest transformation of your life. 

Let's talk, and together, find out if this is the right next step for you.  

I'll answer all of your questions, discuss your options, and we'll feel into what your you can create in the world!  Can't WAIT!